Want to do a Triathlon? Advise From a Newbie

kristy-uzelacI asked my good friend and co-worker Kristi Uzelac, what advise you would give someone who want to do a sprint triathlon. Kristi trained and participated in her first triathlon in October and is looking to do more this year.

Ooh this is a great question!  Did I tell you about the time I quit track because the coach wanted me to run the 400? One lap around the track and I quit!? Mind you, at the time I was running the 300 hurdles, which probably took the same amount of energy, but still! “Sorry coach, I’m not a distance runner, here is my uniform.”

I started running years later only for the free Great Harvest bread at the finish line of races…don’t judge. But now as I get older, I realize that I just like being around people and it’s a fun way to just get out there and do it, every day! When it came to deciding to doing the tri I was nervous as h3!! But don’t think just because you can jog and ride a bike and you like the pool doesn’t mean you can do it all in one day, because that’s exactly what I thought. It wasn’t until a month or so into training that I realized that I had to really focus on my weakness, the swim.

For me, I have to stick to a training schedule or I will fail and fall hard. I’m the laziest person I know but the most determined/competitive person anyone would dare to challenge. If I have something in front of me that I can see and cross of my list on a daily basis, you better believe I’m going to cross it off.  I was nervous going into the training and even the Tri but once into the race and after, I realized how much I LOVED biking.  I knew I liked biking around on my beach cruiser but pedaling on a road bike opened a whole new world to me, it was SO EASY and felt so free. I couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to bike all the time!

I will definitely do more tri’s.  I love that the sprint is just the right amount of distance for me in the swim, bike and run. It’s perfect!  I know what to work on for the swim, what to expect when I’m in the water, the transitions, to pack tissues to blow my nose so I can breath while I eat on the bike, and to know that even though my legs feel like they are lugging around my feet buried in cement for the first .5 miles of the run, it will break off and I can sprint my way in because technically I was half way through the race mid bike, “I’ve got this” and I’m more than on the down hill slope to the finish line, time to bring it home!

🙂  Two fists to the wind!


Kristy Uzelac

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