Lake Monster           1000 years ago the inhabitants of this land noticed earth tremors, swirling bubbles and rumblings in Utah Lake. Scouting out the source would yield a host of legends and folklore. Most would say it was a Monster that unless appeased would exact revenge and destroy the people. Only through a sacrifice could the individuals of this valley avoid destruction. Anciently, tribes who inhabited the land would gather together to compete in a series of challenges to satisfy this Monster. One winning tribe would triumph over all the rest and they would be rewarded The winning tribe would receive, honor, glory, supplies, and the coveted LAKE MONSTER rock that would be spewed from the depths of the lake. The Lake Monster rock would reside with the tribe, be painted with the tribal colors and bring the Tribes good fortune all year long.

Today the tradition of this athletic sacrifice continues annually. The day of sacrifice this year will be August 23rd at Utah Lake. The Lake Monster can only be appeased by athletes completing 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running. As TRIbes compete there will only be one winner. This winning TRIbe will receive the Lake Monster Rock and paint it with its tribal colors. This Rock will bring to the tribe good fortune all year long; this includes $500, VIP parking & prime reserved locations in the Transition Areas at future RaceTri events where applicable, not to mention honor and glory as the greatest TRIbe in all the land.


Clubs must submit intent to compete 30 days prior to the event info@racetri.com  Clubs will also provide an electronic roster of all eligible club members no later than 7 days prior to the date of the event. Any modifications to the submitted club membership roster must be approved by RaceTri.

All registered club members must indicate their club name during registration. This information can be amended in the notes section by going to:

1. Log in to iamathlete
2. My Events
3. Utah Half -> Notes

 Utah Club Championship Scoring

*Points will be awarded only If athlete places overall or in age group. If no club member places overall or in an age group no points will be awarded. Points will not include the 3 points for participation. If multiple placement points apply only the largest point value will be taken.

**Fastest Splits will be measured among competeing club members only.

***Clubs who provide volunteers will receive 2 points for each volunteer, up to 20 points. Volunteers must attend volunteer meeting to receive points.



1. Participants will be ranked within their gender and age-group category. Club scoring may not directly correspond with the specific event awards.

2. Overall or age group placing will receive points according to the following:

Overall Placing

1st Place – 15
2nd Place – 14
3rd Place – 13
4th Place – 12
5th Place – 11
6th Place – 10
7th Place – 9
8th Place – 8
9th Place – 7

Age Group/Category Placing

1st Place – 6
2nd Place – 5
3rd Place – 4
If no club members place in the top 9 overall or in the top three in their age groups none of the above points will be awarded. If a club member places in one of these categories they will receive these points instead of NOT in addition to the 3 participation points.

3. Fastest Splits

The fastest splits among club participants ONLY will be awarded additional points as follows:

Fastest swim: 8 points
Fastest T1:       6 points
Fastest Bike:    8 points
Fastest T2:       6 points
Fastest Run:     8 points

 These points will be awarded as participants are being measured against other club members only.

3. Participants

Participants not placing in the overall or age-group places shall receive three (3) PARTICIPATION POINTS. There may be additional points awarded to this individual if they achieve a “Fastest Split” time(s).

4. Volunteers

For each volunteer a club provides they will earn 2 point. Volunteer points will be capped at 20 points. For a volunteer to qualify for points they must be in attendance at the pre-race meeting and perform volunteer duty



The Club Championship competition shall be scored and awards presented on-site on the date of the competition. Prizes include: $500, the Lake Monster Rock along with some other RaceTri perks throughout the coming year where applicable. (May include VIP parking, Discounts, Prime TA Location)



Relay teams are not eligible for club competition scoring.



If a tie exists a contrived short distance relay competition will be created on site for the two clubs to compete. This competition may include swimming, biking, running, playing chess, eating pizza, chopping wood; one or any combination of the creative madness the Race Director’s may deem fit to inflict. The fastest club will win this sudden death tie breaker and take home the prize.


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