Utah Half Ironman 2010 Review

We are getting excited for the Utah Half – so we thought we’d post some reviews of previous years Utah Half Ironman’s.  Send us yours!

2010 Utah Half Review by Trent Perry August 27, 2010

It was only 1 week before the Utah Half that I decided to enter.  I had competed in various triathlons and bike races earlier in the year so physically I was prepared.  It just required some guts to finally commit to a half distance triathlon.  I have only been competing in triathlons since April of this year beginning with the Icebreaker in American Fork.

With the transition area in the State Park, Provo Harbor at Utah Lake, there is only one entrance and everybody is trying to get in at the same time.  So I recommend arriving early enough to avoid traffic.  The transition is on grass which makes it nice to transition on.  It is a ways away from the water so once you finish the swim you have about 200 yards to the transition.  It wasn’t a big deal though because it was nice to move on land and have some time to overcome any dizziness.

The bike course was well supported with police at the intersections guiding traffic.  I never had to slow or stop at any intersection!!!  It is a flat course so you’ll never feel burned while biking and you have complete control over how much you want to push yourself.  In addition to the course being flat, the course had long straight routes which are a dream for a TT bike; flat and straight!  The course rides very well and is really cool to ride around the lake at West Mountain.

The run course was also very flat which of course, everyone loves!!!  It was a hot day but much of the course is shaded by the trees along the river and along the bank of the lake.  Flat run course, good shade, the only thing that could have made the run better would be a pair of rollerblades.  But instead of rollerblades, the equipment I used was Saucony Kinvara shoes, Cannondale SuperSix bike, and in the water I wore a sleeveless TYR wetsuit (though I prefer XTerra).  The pre-race meal was a bowl of oatmeal mixed with a banana, topped with Agave.  The pre-race song was Sail by Awolnation!!!

Overall the Utah Half is well directed with a fantastic course layout.  And of course nothing gets you motivated like one of Aaron Shamy’s (race director) pre-race speeches!  This is an event I will do every year!!!