Pre-Race Packing List

Make Sure You’ve Got What You NeedRock Cliff Triathlon - Transition

You’ve spent months preparing for your race, so the last thing you need is to have your mind elsewhere hoping you didn’t forget something. We’ve prepared a checklist of things to bring for your triathlon so you can prepare your gear and be ready for the big day. While the list isn’t fully inclusive or may include things you won’t need it is worthy to review.

We’ll break them down according to Swim, Bike, Run and Personal:

Swim Cap
Goggles (spare pair)
Anti Fog Solution
Ear Plugs
Swim Suit
Timing Chip (issued morning of …)

Bike (can’t forget that!)
Helmet (Required to race)
Water Bottle/s & Cages
Aero Water Bottle Straw & Elastic
Bar-end plugs (Required to race)
USAT regulations require all handlebar and aerobar ends to be plugged. Since these can easily fall out, you should pack some extras just in case.
Why are these plugs required? If you crash, an unplugged bar-end can take a core sample of your leg/body.
Spare Tubes
CO2 Pump and cartridge
Hex Tool
Cycling Shirt, Shorts, Shoes, & Gloves
Bike Pump
Race Wheels

Running hat or visor
Running shoes, shirt, shorts, & socks
Fuel Belt
Reflective Tape
Water Bottle

ID (Including USAT Card)
Clothing (jersey, singlet, tri-shorts, socks, sports bra, etc)
Towels for the staging area
Transition Bag
Body Glide/Vaseline (to prevent chafing)
Post-Race clothing
Flip Flops/Sandals
Rain Gear
Warm Clothing
Race Registration information
Energy/Sodium Pills, Gels, & Bars
Electrolyte Drinks
Watch (Garmin)
Heart Rate Monitor & Chest Strap
Directions to Race
Head Lamp/Flash Light
Race Number Belt
Race Number
Rx Glasses
Sun Block
Ipod (This is for pre-race listening. Do NOT take it with you on the bike or run).

What have you forgotten and realized it at the race?