Triathlete of the Week Christie Krompel

This weeks Traiathlete of the week is Christie Krompel – If you’ve been passed by a flash of brown hair during an event – then you’ve seen her.

Check out her great report.

 How long have you been doing triathlon & how many events have you done? 

My first triathlon was in October of 2011

What got you started in triathlon?  

January of 2011 I woke up and just decided to start running.  Running/triathlon quickly became a way for me to overcome a bad eating disorder.  After my first race, I realized I wouldn’t be able to perform without a healthy body.  I had it in my mind I was going to ‘Build A Machine’ of a body… a mantra I still use today to help me get through rough spots both in triathlon and in life.  I am so thankful I have been able channel the energy I spent on a bad addiction into the triathlon addiction.  

How did you get so fast?

Fast is all relative JJ 

 As cliché as it sounds, I think my progress has stemmed from really having ‘The Eye of The Tiger.’  I waaaaaaaant to do well, so things like willpower and discipline and grit and hard work are all apparent in my training.  I really think to push yourself to your own next level, you have to have relentless confidence to feel pain, experience it, and overcome it!

Are you training with anyone? Any special training routine?

I train by myself…. Just a lot of swim/bike/run with some weight training thrown in there too!

Favorite racetri race?
Icebreaker was my first Racetri event.

Favorite thing about triathlon?

Those moments when you are racing or in a tough training session and that outer “brave face” shell you wear to be tough and strong is cracked wide open.  In those moments you feel vulnerable and raw—wide open—no walls—not in full control, weaknesses exposed.  Those moments are actually an amazing thing to experience and make the physical pain you are going through seem strangely worth it.

Guilty pleasure?(ice cream, twinkies, McDonald French fries?)
Coffee.Coffee.Coffee!!! Or going out for ridiculously priced Sashimi after a race… Fuel The Machine with premium priced protein right?!

 Are you afraid of anything? (spiders? snakes?)

Every open water swim, I am afraid of a monstrous sized fish or shark biting my feet.  This fear actually ends up playing in my favor because I am concentrating on swimming as fast as I can to get out of the water before I get taken deep down under! J

One piece of advice for someone getting started would be …

Be confident in yourself and remember you are going to have to break yourself down to build a stronger you – AKHILANDESHVARI.  Realize that every single workout is not going to be stellar; but it is the consistency of every single workout combined that makes a stellar athlete.
Oh and don’t get caught up in all the ‘fluff’ of the sport… focus on building stronger muscles instead buying stronger equipment.  I finished my first 70.3 distance on a hybrid bike without clip-ins; expensive gear is not a necessity.   christie-krompel2

Read More about Christie on her blog

Susie Hannig – Triathlete of the week

Susie Hannig, this week’s Triathlete of the Week  

Susie, thanks for sharing with us.  You are incredible  and we are proud to have you as a participant in RaceTri Events.Susie Hannig RaceTri triathlete of the week

When did you start participating in Triathlons? In 2005

What would surprise us to know about you? After 7 years of racing, I still do not have an official tri racing suit!

What would you consider your greatest athletic accomplishment? Probably the triathlons I’ve done just a few weeks after having my babies.

Most embarrassing Tri moment? Jordanelle Tri, I did the Olympic that year… Everybody had taken down all the water stations by the time I came through cuz they thought the race was over. I was so dang slow!

Are there particular challenges you’ve had to overcome to get you where you are today? I’ve had a torn rotator cuff, back in 2005 when I first got started. I went to physical therapy for a whole year in hopes that I could someday “tri” again. Many tears later, my shoulder has full range of motion and strength! I’ve also dealt with several injuries along the way. This last summer I was hit by a car while training on my bike. I tore neck ligaments, a muscle in my thigh, dislocated my ankle, and broke my finger. luckily, I was healed in time to make a “gimpy go” at the Herriman tri with my broken finger taped and the other injuries manageable.

Do you have a hero that inspires you? Steve Orrock, He owns Orrock Mendenhal Professional Physical Therapy and is also an excellent Ironman triathlete. I’ve never me anybody more positive and devoted to his family, friends, and patients. He makes people feel like there is no reason not to move and feel ALIVE!

What has been your favorite event you’ve done? Hard to say. Probably the Spudman in Burley, ID and the Halloween and Ogden Half marathons.

What RaceTri events will you be at in 2013? Not sure yet, but if I’m not great with child it will be Salem Spring, Herriman, and Yuba for sure!

What do you want to accomplish this next year? Move into my newly built home in January, get pregnant, take good care of my family, and stay fit, focused, balanced and happy through it all!

What has been your worst Tri experience? Jordanelle Tri in 2007 or so, when I was the last to finish each event, as mentioned above.

I began doing tris because my body felt like marathons and half marathons just wasn’t the best balance for me anymore. I feel like training for triathlons has truly made me a more cheerful wife, more patient mom and a happier person. I am so grateful to have a body that can do so many amazing things!!
Susie Hannig


RD’s Note: Thank you Susie for sharing, this was so fun! You may remember Susie Hannig from our pre-race briefing at Camp Yuba; “Susie Hannig #60 – one of our Grand Slammers made a goal to complete 4 of the RaceTri events; Salem Spring, Rock Cliff, Black Ridge, and now Camp Yuba. Her goal was interrupted a few days after the rock cliff race when she was out on a training ride and was hit by a car on june 26th. The goal she had set was in jeopardy, but after just 6 weeks of recovery and intensive effort to get back to a healthy place she completed the Escape from Black Ridge Tri and joins us now today to complete the Yuba race and the finish Grand Slam!

Susie is here to claim honor and glory on the Camp Yuba course today! May we all follow in Susie’s footsteps, May we Never Give up! Never Surrender!”  She is pictured here holding her Grand Slam trophy with some of our other slammers!