2012 Rock Cliff Triathlon Report

rock cliff triathlon - swim21012 Rock Cliff Triathlon Report

Here’s a review posted by Rob Johnston of Salt Lake City

I loved this race! The venue is in a nature reserve area up near Heber Utah and is beautiful. The organizers were very good and really made for a great race.

At the pre race briefing, I felt like I was at the comedy club, these guys are funny! The announcer let us know that the olympic racers were to go first, then the rabbit, then the sprints. Since nobody really understood what the rabbit was the announcer explained that it’s his brother and that he is giving him a 15 minute lead. If you were the first to catch the rabbit, you win a $20.00 gift card. Anybody else to pass the rabbit throughout the day received a $10.00 gift card. It made for a good time.

I would definitely do this race again and actually plan on it next year. It is the most fun that I’ve had in a Sprint triathlon.

Pre-race routine: Woke up and packed the car, headed out and ate a bonk breaker bar and banana on the way to the race location about an hour away.

I had to register the morning of the race due to a wait with USAT for my membership so I showed up at 6:30 to transition area. Registration was flawless and took a couple of minutes.

Event warmup: Jumped into the water and swam around for 10 minutes before the start to get a little warmed up.

This course was a great clockwise one loop course. Being that this was the second time since November that I had swam, I took it easy and just found a good rhythm and stuck with it.

Rock Cliff Triathlon - TransitionT1 A little slow but I was a bit dizzy after the swim.


This was a super fun and scenic ride, I think that I had a smile on my face the whole time even though there were some good hills.

The course was really scenic and took place out of the Rock Cliff park and up a side road near Francis. I was hoping to maintain a little faster bike split but with the rolling hills I was not able to push any faster. I passed a few people and missed the turn around point so I lost a bit of time at that point. The hill coming down from Francis was super fun and I passed a few people going about 50.


Transition was smooth, no issues. Bike down, shoes on and out of transition. I forgot my sunglasses so I had to run without them.

This was such a fun course but my legs just weren’t ready to run! The run started as a flat run coming out of the Rock Cliff park and turned into a good up hill on the road. After the hill, the run cut to the right with a downhill of rock. These were pretty large rocks and so running downhill was a little sketchy. The run then continued off road for the last mile (which felt like 13 miles!) and ended on a really fun boardwalk/ nature trail. You could hear the announcer at the finish line but could not tell where it was until the last left corner. Oh joy, I’m done!

Post race

Grabbed some watermelon and a banana and walked around to cool off. I ran into my neighbor and we just relaxed until his wife finished.

Rob JohnstonEvent comments:

I loved this race! The venue is in a nature reserve area up near Heber Utah and is beautiful. The organizers were very good and really made for a great race.

At the pre race briefing, I felt like I was at the comedy club, these guys are funny! The announcer let us know that the olympic racers were to go first, then the rabbit, then the sprints. Since nobody really understood what the rabbit was the announcer explained that it’s his brother and that he is giving him a 15 minute lead. If you were the first to catch the rabbit, you win a $20.00 gift card. Anybody else to pass the rabbit throughout the day received a 10.00 gift card. It made for a good time.

I would definitely do this race again and actually plan on it next year. It is the most fun that I’ve had in a Sprint triathlon.

Rock Cliff Triathlon 2012 – Review

Race Review: Rock Cliff Triathlon 2012 – by Michael and Cindy Moody

This review was originally posted on TriEdge.net.

Review by Michael Moody

The race started just like many others- got ready, headed out to Francis and found a parking spot on the front row at the Fairgrounds. Took a nice 3.5 mile ride into transition and began setting up for transition. After setting up transition and mingling amongst the athletes, Aaron Shamy started in on his very energetic pre-race information meetings—Great Job Aaron!

First time of the year doing Olympic distance. I was worried about the cold so I brought a neoprene cap; no need as the water felt great! Beautiful surroundings for the swim. The Olympic men’s wave started and we were off. I decided to try to go nice and easy and it worked well. I felt slow, but just kept plodding along. On the 2nd loop about half way through, I saw a swimmer pull up next to me and I saw the bottoms of her hot pink compression socks; Kelly Jones had just passed (chicked) me. Finished the swim, checked my watch, 34 minutes & change- ouch, much slower than I expected.

One of the understood rules of triathlon is to not try anything new on race day. So, what did I do? I tried out a new watch. Watch worked fine on the swim and in T1, however when I started on the bike, my watch would not transition over to bike mode. The bike is a nice gradual climb with false flats that seem to last the first half of the bike. I spent about the first 6 miles messing with my watch before I got my watch back working as it should. Did I mention how incredible the scenery all around us was? This was nature at its best! A little headwind on the first half of the bike meant one thing- tailwind on the second half! The second half seemed to fly by as we had a tailwind and were going downhill. The best part of the bike had to be going downhill at a 10% grade- flying so it seemed. Overall, my bike was a little slow, but not too shabby…1:13

I had never seen the run course, so I did not know what to expect. I had heard it had a bit of everything and boy was that accurate! Started out on asphalt, then rocks, then trail, then a long bridge and finished off on grass. I started the run with 26 or 27 Olympic distance athletes ahead of me— got it down to 12. I thought I had an idea of how fast I could run the course but I was in for a surprise. The run seemed difficult. I could not get into a flow at any time. I continued to plod along, noting how many Olympic athletes I passed.

Did I mention how great the volunteers were? They were great not only at aid stations but also at directing traffic on the trails & giving encouragement to all along the way— it was awesome! I tried to pick up the pace on the 2nd loop, but just couldn’t push enough. I felt pretty decent about the run & sprinted to the finish!…43 min & change. Total race time: 2:33(3rd place in AG)…finished 13th overall

Amazing post race food- watermelon, bananas, bagels, chocolate milk, etc. followed with a story by an awesome athlete, Travis Hess, giveaways by TriEdge and awards.

This venue is as beautiful as they come! Racetri did an amazing job once again and this race is a must do! Thanks to all the volunteers who were so very helpful, I’m looking forward to doing this race again next year.

Review by Cyndi Moody

I woke up to a beautiful morning ready for racing. This was my 2nd triathlon ever and I needed redemption from my flat tire at the Salem Tri. The weather was nice, we biked in and I felt great. This was the first triathlon I got to do with my husband and it was nice to have a buddy to help set up. I watched my husband start the Olympic swim and I was ready for the sprint. I was told that the water was going to be really cold so I was pleasantly surprised as to how warm it was. It felt great. The swim was really nice although the last buoy was really hard to see because of the sun. I just hoped that the rest of the pack I was swimming with knew where they were going.

After the swim, I transitioned to the bike. I have struggled getting my left foot clipped in and while I was concentrating on that, I looked up and realized that I was going into the mountain. Note to self, I do not have a mountain bike. Down I went. I was asked if I was ok to which I replied, as long as my bike is good, I am good. And I was. The bike was actually a lot of fun. No flat tires!! I narrowly missed running over a snake. I am sure he was relieved until the gal behind me ran him over. Poor thing! She and I played cat and mouse the last 5 miles. She beat me on the bike. But.. I got her on the run!

The run was a lot different than I expected. I enjoyed the trail run although it was really hard to take advantage of the downhill as it was all rocks and I was afraid I might break something. I loved the scenery and I enjoyed the bridge run to the finish line. I took fourth in my age group which I was pleased with still feeling like a beginner in all this.

After the race, we cleaned up and didn’t want to wait for the shuttles so we started to bike out. I was so grateful to have my husband there since I made him bike up the big hill to get our car. Yes, I played the woman card today. I thought that this race was a lot of fun—Racetri does a fantastic job putting these events together and I would definitely do it again! Also, TriEdge had fantastic giveaways & the post race food was great! Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers!

Rock Cliff Triathlon Event Information

Dear Rock Cliff Tri-ers,

Thank you for joining us at what is arguably the most gorgeous course in the state! Please read this email in its entirety to ensure a successful race week, we know it’s long but there is important info you need to know. Timpanogos Cycler and Get Fit will offer athletes a couple different options to pick up their race packet; here is what is going on:

1.       GET FIT ATHLETIC WEAR— Monday thru Thursday June 18 – June 21 9:00AM to 8:00PM

Get your packet anytime Mon – Thurs the week of the race during hours of operation at:

Get Fit Athletic Wear

11055 N Alpine Hwy
Highland, Utah 84003
Phone: 801-216-4467

TRI to find a better DEAL! Get Fit Athletic Wear in Highland wants to give our race participants an opportunity to buy all kinds of stuff at a great discount for picking up their packet EARLY.
All this week, pick up your race day packet at Get Fit and shop wetsuits @ 30% off (WOW), Tri-bags @ 10% off (even OGIO) 20-50% off selected shoes including the incredibly popular Asics Gel-Noosa Tri shoe, 20-30% off cycling apparel (they have lots of awesome cycling apparel and gloves-from weekend warrior stuff to Pro level!) 20-50% off Clearance merchandise and 25% off all OAKLEY sunglasses!!
Just show your race number and SAVE!
Store is open 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (Saturday 9-7 p.m.) so GET down there and SHOP!
Get Fit provides our winner prizes (totally cool) and age division prizes, so please support their store for being so generous to our racers!  Thanks!

2.       TIMP CYLCERY & ELITE TRIATHLON STORE — Friday June 22nd 12:00 – 8:00PM
Get your packet and body marked before race day. The party starts on Friday and goes from 12:00 – 8:00PM at:
Timpanogos Cyclery
665 West State Road Suite A
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
Phone: 801-796-7500
MAP – http://timpanogoscyclery.com/contact/

To pick up your packet you must have your PHOTO ID and USAT card. Athletes can get their packet and body marked Friday at Timpanogos Cyclery.

Wetsuits are mandatory; at the event last year water temperatures dipped to 55 degrees. The United States Coast Guard will be the governing body on the water. It is require that every participant is in a wetsuit (sleeveless option is acceptable, its crazy but acceptable!). Athletes will be pulled from the water if discovered without a wetsuit. Please make arrangements.  If you need to rent a wetsuit for the event please contact our sponsor AQUAHOLICS.

US TOLL FREE : 866-507-SWIM(7946)
Local: 801-748-0588
583 E. 7200 S. Midvale, Utah 84047

Furthermore it is highly recommended that you wear a protective neoprene swim cap for added warmth, (the distributed swim cap can be worn over).

Saturday June 23nd
6:00 AM – Transition Area Opens, Packet Pick up, Timing Chips & Body Marking.

Transition Area is first come first serve.

7:00 AM – Packet Pickup CLOSES
7:30 AM – Race Director Briefing
7:55 AM – Must be out of the transition area
8:00 AM –Race Begins (wave starts)

8:00 AM All Olympic Male Racers, Clydes, and Relays
8:03 AM All Olympic Female Racers and Athenas
8:15 AM The Race Rabbit Begins (Good Luck Jason)
8:30 AM All Sprint Male Racers, and Clydes
8:30 AM All Sprint Female Racers, and Athenas
10:45ish AM – TriEdge Raffle begins
11:00ish AM – Get Fit Awards Ceremony Begins

*With the early start time, shuttle transportation from Francis, and unique layout of the Rock Cliff TRI transition area you are highly encouraged to get your packet before race day! Your friend cannot pick up your packet for you; it must be done by the one racing with a valid photo ID. There are no exceptions, it is against USAT regulations and if you ask you will be told that it is not possible. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.
Aid Stations

There are no aid stations on the bike, please plan accordingly.

There are three aid stations;
Mile 1.5
Mile 3.0
Mile 4.5 approx.

Finish line hydration and goodies will be available including Winder Dairy’s recovery chocolate milk.


All finishers will receive an AWESOME custom die cast medal. The TRIEDGE raffle will start off the awards ceremony, and it gives everyone a chance to walk away with some killer TRI swag (must be present to be eligible).  Top 3 overall male & female racers will receive podium medals and Get Fit winner baskets full of goodies galore. Furthermore, the top 3 in the following age groups will receive podium medals and winner bags courtesy of Get Fit. (Please note that the categories below are for awards and prizes only and do not reflect the official USAT age categories)

Pro/Elite/Overall (Male/Female)

AGE GROUPS(Male/Female)
50 +

As you can see your category is combined with at least 1 other category – this is for podium medals and 1-3 prizes only. With so few athletes it is not possible for RaceTri Management to have podium medals and prizes for everyone in addition to the finisher medals provided for each athlete. Your official USAT standing will be posted in your actual age category and not the ones defined for the race day prizes above.

Please note with only 2 relay teams signed up there will be no prizes for the relay category.


If you are racing in the Pro/Elite category please be aware that you are only eligible for a podium finish within the Pro/Elite category. Furthermore if an age grouper throws down one of the fastest 3 times of the day they will be bumped up as an Overall placer when it comes to prizes and the podium.


If you are not a USAT member you have registered for the 1 day license, if you are a member you must bring your USAT ID with you to packet pickup. Triathlons are an individual test of fitness; drafting is against USAT regulations and carries with it a 2 minute penalty for the first offense a 4 minute penalty for the second offense and disqualification for the 3rd. Let’s make it safe, and let’s make it fair for everyone.  Absolutely no ipods on the bike – they are against USAT regulations and endanger all the riders on the course. For a list of the most common rule violations please visit:


It is the athlete’s responsibility to know the rules.

Make Sure You’ve Got What You Need

You’ve spent months preparing for your race, so the last thing you need is to have your mind elsewhere hoping you didn’t forget something. We’ve prepared a checklist of things to bring for your triathlon so you can prepare your gear and be ready for the big day. While the list isn’t fully inclusive or may include things you won’t need it is worthy to review.

We’ll break them down according to Swim, Bike, Run and Personal:

Swim Cap (Neoprene)
Goggles (spare pair)
Anti Fog Solution
Ear Plugs
Swim Suit
Timing Chip (issued morning of …)

Bike (can’t forget that!)
Helmet (Required to race)
Water Bottle/s & Cages
Aero Water Bottle Straw & Elastic
Bar-end plug (Required to race)
USAT regulations require all handlebar and aerobar ends to be plugged. Since these can easily fall out, you should pack some extras just in case.
Why are these plugs required? If you crash, an unplugged bar-end can take a core sample of your leg/body.
Spare Tire/s
CO2 Pump and cartridge
Hex Tool
Cycling Shirt, Shorts, Shoes, & Gloves
Bike Pump
Race Wheels

Running hat or visor
Running shoes, shirt, shorts, & socks
Fuel Belt
Reflective Tape
Water Bottle

ID (Including USAT Card)
Clothing (jersey, singlet, tri-shorts, socks, sports bra, etc)
Towels for the staging area
Transition Bag
Body Glide/Vaseline (to prevent chafing)
Post-Race clothing
Flip Flops/Sandals
Rain Gear
Warm Clothing
Race Registration information
Energy/Sodium Pills, Gels, & Bars
Electrolyte Drinks
Watch (Garmin)
Heart Rate Monitor & Chest Strap
Directions to Race
Head Lamp/Flash Light
Race Number Belt
Race Number
Rx Glasses
Sun Block
Ipod (This is for pre-race listening. Do NOT take it with you on the bike or run).


Timing Chips can be picked up race morning. When you pick up your timing chip make sure you know your race number and are issued the corresponding timing chip. Electronic chip timing of the event will be provided by TRUTIMING. All participants will be timed and provided with 5 split times (swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run). If you are in the transition area when the race begins and then cross over one of the blue timing mats your timing chip will record that as a split time, please be sure your TA is set up and you have exited the transition area with plenty of time to spare before the start of the race, mats will be activated at exactly 7:55AM. Results will be posted on Saturday within 8 hours of the final participant crossing the finish line. A link to the RESULTS will be posted on this webpage. A lost or misplaced timing chip will result in a $20 fee. Body Markings will consist of your race number on your arm along with your age written on your calf. Body marking can be done Friday night at Timpanogos Cyclery or on race morning.

A swim cap will be issued in every packet and must be worn during the swim portion of the race.

There are NO RACE DAY sign ups. Registration closes at midnight Wednesday June 20th, or when we reach our race capacity.

We still need volunteers. If you know someone who will be at the race cheering you on and they can lend a helping hand, they will have front row race action. As a volunteer please have them contact:   aaronshamy@hotmail.com ASAP. All volunteers will be given a limited edition 2012 RACETRI Volunteer Wickify Tech Shirt.

www.MyRaceDayPics.com will be there with a team of professional photographers to capture your moment of glory. Make sure that you go their website to check out your action shot! During the awards ceremony 5 – $10 off coupons will be raffled off to athletes courtesy of http://www.myracedaypics.com/

Get Direction here: http://goo.gl/maps/a0gw


On Saturday morning, driving into for drop off and/or parking WILL NOT be allowed at or inside the Rock Cliff area. There is also NO parking along Hwy 32. The Utah Highway Patrol and Wasatch County Sheriff will be present ready to ticket and tow anyone who does. There will NOT be a “drop-off” zone inside the park. You will need to ride your bike in from the parking area in Francis- WHICH WILL BE AT FRANCIS PARK- on Saturday morning (about 3.5 miles). **Plan ahead as you will need to either pack your stuff in a backpack and carry it on the bike, or have friends/relatives bring it for you on the shuttles.

There is a designated parking area in the town of Francis 3.5 miles from Rock Cliff (southeast corner from the blinking 4-way stoplight at the top of the hill, the only signal light in Francis). Shuttles will begin at 6:00AM and will loop continuously between the parking area and Rock Cliff.
Q: How do I get my bike back to my car after the race?

A: Space permitting, bikes are allowed on the shuttle buses after the race. *Bikes are NOT allowed on the shuttles before the race.
Q: How do spectators get to the race?
A: All spectators must ride the shuttles to the race. Again note that the shuttles will be running continuously from 6AM to 2PM. Buses will unload inside the park at the Nature Center Round-about. For those with small children and/or those needing extra assistance, it is HIGHLY recommended that you arrive prior to 9:00AM.
Q: How much is it to ride the shuttle and enter Jordanelle State Park?
A: Entrance fee to the park for all spectators ages 8 and older is $2 per person and is payable BEFORE BOARDING THE SHUTTLES. This $2 fee is already included in the athlete’s registration fee. For spectators riding the shuttles in, the fee will be collected as you board. Folding strollers are permitted on the shuttles. Please have exact change ready. We will not have change.

Park Guidelines: Rock Cliff Nature Area is just that, nature. Everything from the wildlife to the boardwalks will remind you of why you love the outdoors.
Please remember to follow these few important guidelines:

1. Dogs: Do not bring your dogs or other pets. Animals are NOT allowed on the buses and are NOT allowed in the general Rock Cliff area, other than along the single paved road. Rock Cliff is a sensitive nature habitat, so please respect this mandate.

2. Litter/Trash: Please clean up any garbage/trash in your transition area and respect the Rock Cliff Nature Area. Please do not litter.
All athletes are required to retrieve any gel packet or water bottle that is discarded during the bike. A USAT “abandoning of equipment” time penalty will result if witnessed by a USAT official for littering. Please also keep control of all gel packets on the bike and run.


Happy Taper!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Race Directors,