Rock Cliff Triathlon

As you all know, we took over the Rock Cliff Triathlon this year from our good friends at US Trisports. Trouble is, we didn’t finalize the agreement until late this spring and as such we weren’t able to get it on our calendar until later than we would have liked. As a result, we’ve seen lackluster registration results for that race and we are getting ever closer to the event.

The triathlon community in Utah is vibrant and as athletes you have a ton of choices regarding what events you can choose to compete in. Perhaps, we just got this race on everyone’s calendar a little late. We are not ready to throw in the towel yet and call it off for 2011, but, it’s getting close to the point in time where we are going to have to make a call one way or another.

After losing BAM this year I don’t think our Utah Triathletes want to lose another race as well. If we can get enough athletes by the weekend of the Salem Spring to support Rock Cliff, we’ll keep it on the schedule. Otherwise we’ll cancel this year’s event and reboot for next year.

UPDATE 5/20/2011: With the cancellation of 5i50 on the same day as the Rock Cliff event we are offering a special discount code for the next week or so for anyone who wants to enter Rock Cliff. With the 5i50 being cancelled, I think we’ll have enough cross-overs from that event to keep Rock Cliff going in 2011 and on into the future in 2012. Email us at to get the code.




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  1. I assume if one signs up to show support and the event is canceled, we won’t be charged anything?

    How many signups do you still need?

    You might want to put this information on the main page for the tri.

    1. Good call. I put a link to the blog post on the race page. We are really hoping to get enough people to put on the event, but it doesn’t look like it. We need at least 100 athletes to put it on, we are like at 15. In the event that we cancel, we will be reaching out individually to anyone who has signed up to work out a resolution.

  2. I would love to sign up for this tri. I did it last year and it was great. My problem is I was just notified that the 5150 was cancelled and I don’t want to sign up for another event that will be cancelled. How soon will we know if it is on or not?

  3. I am looking for an olympic distance tri near this timeframe. What distance is this tri? Are the signups getting closer to the magic 100?

    1. I feel very confident that it won’t be cancelled at this point. It may be small, but it won’t be cancelled.

  4. @Emily Strollers are allowed on the bus, as it states on the website “Folding strollers are permitted on the shuttles” is there somewhere on the site that states otherwise? If there is it is a mistake and I extend my apologies.

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