Racing to kick abuse in the butt!


Recently I learned what it’s like to have someone give up on you. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes – lots of them, and sometimes you have to show me something 20 times before I finally get it (stupid back bike tire – I just can’t figure that one out). being given up on isn’t a good feeling.

There are hundreds – thousands – of women out there who feel like everyone has given up on them. After hearing multiple times how worthless, unattractive, undesirable, and stupid they are for not being able to figure something out, not only do they feel like everyone has given up on them, they give up on themselves.
I know what this feels like. My next race, the St. George marathon, is dedicated to all those women who struggle day after day feeling worthless and wondering why they are even alive. I want them to know they aren’t alone, that someone hasn’t given up on them, and that they are valuable.
Help me by donating to the Dove Center, an organization in St. George who strives to help women like this learn to love themselves again, and to believe in themselves and believe they can do hard things – just like I’ve slowly been learning to do this past year. I’m half way to my goal of $500 and I have one month left to go! Please help these women know we haven’t given up on them! Thank you!
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