Kathryn Throolin – Triathlete of the Week

Kathryn Throolin is our featured Triathlete of Week.  Thank you Kathryn for telling us your story.  You are amazing and we are so proud of everything you have accomplished.  WOW!!!

1.  I started participating in Triathlons when I was a nursing school student.  I had a running buddy, who convinced me to do a triathlon once a year with her.  We were poor college students and didn’t have bikes, so once a year we rented bikes for a triathlon.

2.  Not sure what would be surprising.  My first degree was Forestry and I love the outdoors…so when I am recovering or need a break from training I love hiking, mountaineering and rock climbing.  Climbed Aconcogua, Kilimanjaro, Mt Rainer, The Grand Teton…

3.  My races I am proud of the most include

Cozumel Ironman 10:37
Boise half (4:57), Boulder half (4:52) Qualifying for half IM world championships


Utah half (first overall female) 4:49
San Rafael Classic (overall winner)-only 2 weeks after IM CDA
Stansbury Tri (first overall female)-Had a great bike and a great run
St george half marathon 1:27

4.  From 2002-2006 I struggled with Major Depression, with multliple hospital admissions.  Received ECT therapy.  I almost succeeded in killing myself. I was in a coma for a few weeks, and had to receive dialysis for 2 months.  Anyway, basically triathlons have helped me overcome depression.

5. In triathlons, there are always embarassing moments.  Many times I struggle with GI problems.  In CDA, I had diarrhea about 15 times on the run.  By the end of the exhausting marathon I just didn’t care any more and pooped my pants.

6.  My patients at Huntsman Cancer Hospital and their families are my heroes.  When things are hard, I think of the courage and strength of my patients to deal with the challenging difficulties they face.

Another hero of mine is my good climbing partner Rachel, who now lives in South Africa.  But she always inspired me to push my limits climbing, and now she inspires me in my triathlon endeavors and will send me postcards before my ironman.

My friend Ali, is always pushing me on the track and encouraging me. My coaches Wes and BJ have both inspired me to push my limits.  There are so many other friends and family members who have been heros in my life.  It is fun to have many heros.

7.  Not sure my favorite event.  Each event, requires a journey.  I almost enjoy the journey of strengthening my mind and body more than the actual event.  But I love on race day to stand up to my fears and humble myself so that I may perform my best.  I love swimming in the russian river in Vineman.  I love the run course on the Boise Half Ironman.  I love the bike course at the Saint George Ironman.  I love the fast bike course at Boulder Half Ironman and Lake Powell.

8.  I don’t really like signing up for events in advance, but so far I will be doing st george half ironman and IM CDA in 2013.  My goal is to qualify for KONA

9.  My worse tri experience…hmm…hard to choose..
A.  Crashing two days before IM St George 2011, needed a new seat and a new seat post.  On race day went to the bike techs with a hacksaw and a seatpost in my hand.  Swimming with a wesuit with road rash and fearful of my bruised body being hit by swimmers.  Then in the 1st ten miles flatted

B-IM St George 2012, after surviving the craziest swim I have ever been in I felt strong on the bike, despite the wind.  At mile 56 my shifter broke, and I was unable to fisnish the race

C-Down poured on the run in IM Cozumel, which made the race cooler and adventurous wading through water.  However, the bottom of my feet had the worse blisters ever.  Also I didn’t cut my toenails, and so I had blisters under four of my toenails, which I ended up loosing.  Couldn’t walk normal for a week because of my feet…Also I was allergic to the Jelly fish and had a crazy itchy rash all over my skin.

D-There have been many discouraging races, where you just don’t perform the way you had hoped, or know that you can perform.  But that is when, you just need to dig deep and have a vision of what can happen in another race.  Then you just get back to training, and remember your journey and what is important in life  🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. You have helped more than you know and am so grateful for our friendship. And P.S. that wasn’t water we waded through in Cozumel….it was sewage aka sh*t.

  2. From the time I’ve spent rock climbing to running, to cycling together you are simply astonishing. I remember your first bikes and how you immediately dominated cycling. Somehow you can muster the stuff champions are made of from thin air. You truly are amazing and someone to look up to. Carry on and know that we’re always thinking of you and cheering you on!

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