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The USAT age categories are based on what age you will be by December 31st of the current year. (If you will be 45 December 31st, you will be in the 45-49 age group on race day, etc.)

*Disclaimer: Depending on the size and number of athletes participating in each race, the age group breakdowns may be consolidated. In such cases, athletes will compete against at least one other age group for podium awards.

The current USAT age categories are as follows:

0 – 15 years16 – 17 years18 – 19 years20 – 24 years
25 – 29 years30 – 34 years35 – 39 years40 – 44 years
45 – 49 years50 – 54 years55 – 59 years60 – 64 years
65 – 69 years70 – 74 years75 – 79 years80 – 84 years
85 – 89 years 90 + years Clydesdale: 220 lb+Athena: 165 lbs+


Timing chips will be given to each athlete at packet pickup. Each athlete needs to make sure they wear their timing chip around their left ankle.

Athletes are provided 5 split times during the race: Swim, T2, Bike, T2, and run. Your transition area set up needs to be completed before the race starts. If you are in the transition area when the race begins and cross over the timing mats, your timing chip will record that as a split time.

Please make sure you don’t lose your timing chip. A lost or misplaced timing chip will result in a $20 fee.


Wetsuit strippers will not be provided; however, you are welcome to bring someone to help you remove your suit. Wetsuit strippers are not allowed inside the TA, you must have them waiting for you outside the transition area. Please instruct your wetsuit removal team to be careful as we have seen wetsuit damage on occasion.


Body marking is completed during Packet Pickup. We will have volunteers ready to write your race number on your arm and your age and race category on your calves. Please make sure you don’t miss this step in Packet Pickup.


Personal swim caps are not allowed during any of our races. If you would like to wear personal caps for extra insulation underneath your RaceTri cap you can, but the RaceTri issued swim cap must be worn on the outside.


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Rules and Policies

Refund Policy

RaceTri has no refund policy. If you can’t race, please reach out and contact us and we will see what we can do to partially defer your entry fee to another race. Any deferrals requested within 7 days of the race will not be approved. No other exceptions for refunds are available.


Deferrals are available for medical reasons and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you are on a relay team you must find a replacement. There are no refunds or deferrals for relay teams or team members. Please contact us with any concerns.

Entry Fee Transfers / Transfers

Entry Fees are not transferable to another person or another event. Any purchase or transfer of registration other than through RaceTri compromises the sanctioning and insurance of the event through provincial sanctioning bodies.

There are no transfers (giving up your spot for another person), except for relay team members. *See note above.

Same Day Registrations

There are no same day registrations. Registration for each race closes the Wednesday before the race at midnight, or when the race caps at 400 participants. If you or someone you know missed registration and would like to help with front row action as a volunteer, please see our Volunteer page.

Event Cancellation

RaceTri events may be delayed, cancelled, or modified due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather, water, road, or running conditions. The RaceTri Management Team, Sanctioning Body Technical Director, and Local Law Enforcement have the authority to cancel an event. The Race Director also reserves the right to modify the course at any time before or during an event by his/her own judgement or if instructed by local law enforcement personnel, technical director, or other civic organization with the authority to issue or rescind permits.

Should an event be delayed or cancelled, the starting time of the event will either be moved back accordingly, or we ask that you please follow instructions of all event officials and local law enforcement personnel. Your entry fee is not refundable if an event is cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather, water, road, or running conditions.
RaceTri events are sanctioned by USAT. For questions regarding USAT rules, regulations, insurance, and membership, visit the USAT website to see the complete set of rules. For any additional questions not found on this page, please visit our FAQs and Contact page to reach out.