Herriman Black Ridge




Summer of  2020

This event is a Biennial event. It will return every other year. The next time this event will be run is in 2020. Check your email, our facebook page and return here later for registration details. 
Escapees race into the water from Black Ridge Beach

Welcome to the home of the annual Herriman Black Ridge Triathlon. The Black Ridge Reservoir is a water basin in the foothills of southwest Salt Lake City just above Herriman and Riverton Cities. It has a beautiful view of the Salt Lake valley and a sandy beach from which athletes begin the race. This venue is perfect for a fast and fun sprint distance course. There are two transition areas, with T1 at the reservoir and T2 at nearby Butterfield Park. Athletes will swim 500 yds in the reservoir then ride a 14 mile clockwise loop down around Herriman City and into Butterfield Park to begin their 5k run loop along the footpaths and return to Butterfield Park for the finish. The race is capped at 400 athletes so get registered asap to reserve your spot! See last year’s colorful, custom, thick, and gigantic finisher medal!


Olympic distance racers will be completing two loops on the swim, a second loop on the bike (minus the initial escape from black ridge res. portion of the course), and then two loops on the run.

Black Ridge Medal

 SWIM 500 yards

Located in the beautiful Black Ridge Reservoir overlooking Herriman City. Water is expected to be in the mid to high sixties on race morning. Wetsuits are optional. Athletes will start in a wave based format depending on race division.

Swim Map BR



Transition Area 1 is located adjacent to the reservoir in the newly PAVED parking area yeah! No more sandy transitions! Athletes will exit the swim and immediately run up a short hill to the TA. Make sure helmets are on and fastened before mounting your bike. The course begins with an immediate downhill so be prepared for high speeds right at the start of the ride. There are sharp turns, please slow down, each year there is a cyclist or two that end up in front yards because they fail to judge the correct speed when approaching turns in the first few miles. The course is one large square with mostly right turns. Be cautious, yield to traffic and obey all officers. Ride to the right and pass on the left.



The run is an out and back loop leaving Transtion Area #2 at Butterfield Park. There will be an aid station with hydration etc. at approximately the halfway point. The course has a few undulating hills but nothing too major.

CLICK Download the Race MAPRun Course BR 2013

  To pick up your packet you must have your PHOTO ID and USAT card. Registered Athletes will receive Packet Pickup dates and details in an email approximately a week before the race. Your friend cannot pick up your packet for you – there are no exceptions to this rule.
You are encouraged to pick up your packet during the week. Race day pick up is available at T1, near the res. at 6AM. Please plan to arrive early if you are picking up race morning. 
0 -19
Clydesdale 220lbs+           It takes a “small” army to manage the awards
Athena 165 lbs+
There is always confusion about what age group you are in … here it is: Right now in the eyes of USAT you are the age you will be on December 31 of this year. So if you are like my mom and have a birthday on December 31st and are turning 45 on that day then you will be racing in the 45-49 age group (even though on the day of the race you are actually 44) 



Spectators have opportunities to see their athletes bike and run from Butterfield Park. If they would like to see the swim portion of the race they an ride our shuttle up on race morning. The shuttle begins at 5:45AM and will run continuously through the race. While athletes need to be at T1 and set up by 7:20AM we ask that if the shuttle is full that spectators give up their seat for the athletes and take the next shuttle. The race will be in waves starting at 8AM, this will give spectators extra time to get to Black Ridge. There is absolutely NO PARKING at the Black Ridge Res. Please be aware that if your athlete is extremely fast (Top 30 Overall) there may be a chance that you do not make it back in time to see them finish.


TBA on race morning


Swim caps will be provided in your race packet. The issued cap must be worn during the swim.

Transition Areas

Please note that there are two transitions areas. T1 will be located in Black Ridge res parking lot. T2 is located at Butterfield Park – the finish line is also located at Butterfield park. !!IMPORTANT!!! There will be NO PARKING at Black Ridge Res. since the parking area will be used as the T1 there will be no room for vehicles. All parking will be at butterfield park. You have two options:

  1. Drive to T2 at Butterfield park (finish line as well), park your car set up your T2 transition and bike the 2 miles to Black Ridge Reservoir. It is a short bike but uphill (a great warm up BTW).
  2. Drive to T1 set up your T1 area first and then drive to T2 drop your car off at the finish line area at Butterfield park and get a ride on the shuttle or from a friend or family member back up to Black Ridge to start the race.

There is absolutely NO PARKING at or near Black Ridge Res, police officers will be present to ensure that no one parks at Black Ridge or on the streets near Black Ridge (need to keep clear for bike course). As you consider your options please be aware that each one takes a significant amount of time. We will start the race on time.

Race Central2 BR



Wetsuits are recommended but not required. Water temperature will likely be between 65-70F. Wetsuit strippers WILL NOT be provided, you are welcome to bring someone to help you remove your own wetsuit however they will not be allowed in the transition area (Only athletes will be allowed in the TA). They will need to help you between water exit and transition entrance please be courteous to other racers and step off to one side.

T1 Drop Bags

DROP BAG – everyone will receive a large trash bag with their race number on it in their race packet. You will use this bag to pack up your T1 stuff (wetsuit, cap, goggles, towel etc.) You will leave this bag inside T1. Race personnel will then bring the bags to the finish line area for your retrieval. Do not leave anything at T1 you want to keep because when the final person exits Black Ridge T1 everything will be cleaned up and removed.


All participants will be timed and provided with 5 split times (swim, T1, Bike, T2, Run). If you are in the transition area when the race begins and then cross over one of the blue timing mats your timing chip will record that as a split time, please be sure your TA is set up and you have exited the transition area with plenty of time to spare before the start of the race. Results will be posted on Saturday. A link to the RESULTS will be posted on this webpage. Instructions for chip use will be provided at packet pick-up. A lost or misplaced timing chip will result in a $20 fee.

Relay Teams

The “biker” Relay team member will wait inside the transition area at the bike rack location where the “swimmer” will transfer the timing chip from one team member to another. Please note that there are 2 transition areas and the “runner” relay team member will be waiting in a different transition area, please plan accordingly.  Each team will be issued one timing chip, one swim cap, and one bib number.

Same Day Registrations: There will be NO same day registration. Registration closes on Wednesday August 7th or when the race reaches its cap of 400 participants.

Refund: There will be no refunds, no exceptions.
Transfers: There are no transfers (giving up your spot to another person), except for relay team members – see note below.
Deferrals: Deferrals for medical reasons will be handled on a case by case basis.                


Average Temps for Early August in Herriman are 95 High 66 Low

10 Day Weather Forecast in Herriman Utah


We still need volunteers if you know someone who will be at the race cheering you on and they can lend a helping hand with front row race action as a volunteer please have them contact: aaronshamy@hotmail.com


BIKE -There are no aid stations on the bike, please plan accordingly.

RUN -There will be one aid station located approximately half way through the run.


Finish line hydration and goodies will be available for athletes. To request a favorite please email info@racetri.com

Driving Directions to Black Ridge – Interactive MAP


For common violations please see our BLOG CLICK HERE

This is a USAT sanctioned event. For questions regarding USAT rules, regulations, insurance and membership click on the link:http://www.usatriathlon.org/To download the complete set of USAT rules go here:


RaceTri has a no refund policy – If something comes up, and you can’t race, please reach out and contact us and we will see what we can do to partially defer your entry fee to another race. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY REFUND OR DEFERRAL REQUEST THAT IS RECEIVED LESS THAN ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EVENT BE HONORED OR EVEN RESPONDED TO.

Policies & Terms

It is our policy to try and put on the best race possible, to give our athletes the best race experience we can.

Event Cancellation

A RaceTri owned or managed event may be delayed, cancelled, or course changes applied due to adverse, inclement, unsafe weather, unsafe water conditions, unsafe road conditions, or unsafe running conditions. Should the event be delayed, the starting time of the event will be moved back accordingly. The RaceTri Management Team, Sanctioning Body Technical Director and Local Law Enforcement have the authority to cancel an event. If cancellation of an event takes place, please follow instructions of all the event officials and local law enforcement personnel. Your entry fee is not refundable if an event is cancelled due to adverse, inclement, unsafe weather, unsafe water conditions, unsafe road conditions, or unsafe running conditions. The Race Director also reserves the right to modify the course at any time before or during an event by his/her own judgment or if instructed by local law enforcement personnel, technical director or other civic organization with the authority to issue or rescind permits.


Transfer of Entry

Event entry fees are not transferable to another person or another event. Any purchase or transfer of registration other than through RaceTri management compromises the sanctioning and insurance of the event through our provincial sanctioning bodies.

Packet Pickup

Photo ID and USAT CARD (where applicable) are required at packet pick-up. You and only you can pick up your race packet. If you arrive at the race site without photo ID, you will have to participate as a spectator only. Sorry, USAT does not allow us to give you your race packet without ID.