Chronic Injuries and Sports Massage


For many athletes, the injuries that have the greatest long-term impact are chronic injuries or injuries that occur over time with no obvious incident.  Chronic injuries include things like patellar tendonitis (aka Runner’s or Jumper’s […]

Triathlon Training: Cool Down, Recovery, and Flexibility


Cool Down, Recovery, and Flexibility I’m sure that for many people when they cross the finish line all they want to do is collapse.  I can certainly understand that desire.  Sometimes it’s exhausting just watching […]

Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement: Why and How?


There is already some great advice about hydration here on the RaceTri site, but I wanted to give a little more information for those who are looking for an advantage as they move forward with […]

Mandy Seeley – RaceTri’s Athlete of the Week


Our featured athlete of the Week – Mandy Seeley.  Mandy has graciously shared her amazing story and we are very proud of her.  GO MANDY! “We’re calling for an ambulance to take you to the ER.” If […]

Keys to Winter Training


Four Powerful Keys to Winter Training by Hunter Allen What you do this winter can really make or break your season in the coming year. Winter training is different for everyone since we live in […]

Winter Outdoor Running Tips


By Coach Lora Erickson, Many people are nervous to run outside; but it’s really fun to run in the snow and it can be a great break from the treadmill.  Personally I don’t own […]

Want to do a Triathlon? Advise From a Newbie


I asked my good friend and co-worker Kristi Uzelac, what advise you would give someone who want to do a sprint triathlon. Kristi trained and participated in her first triathlon in October and is looking […]

Moving From a Sprint Triathlon Distance to an Olympic Distance


Before I start this article I want to be clear that doing a sprint triathlon is not easy and it can be more challenging that a olympic and even a half. Because participating in any […]

Preparing and Training for Your First Triathlon


Preparing and training for your first triathlon You can do it! Let that be my first bit of advice when preparing and training for your first triathlon.  All you’ve got to do is cross the finish line […]

Discount Codes for Triple Play, Grand Slam, The Olympian, and THE WORKS


To sign up for any of the Multi-Event discounts you can use the following codes TripleRT2017 – Use this code when signing up for the Salem Spring (sprint distance), Rock Cliff (Olympic distance), and the Utah […]

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