2014 Utah Half Race Report


Utah Half Report 4:30 am – text says “Bring your waterproof gear its def raining down here”. It wasn’t raining in Bountiful, but it was in Salt Lake. Driving down was downright dangerous. The rain […]

2014 Icebreaker Race Report


2014 Ice Breaker Report I pulled up to the parking area and its always great seeing bikes lined up in the transition area.  I set up my stuff and spent the morning chatting it up […]

Racing to kick abuse in the butt!


BY MANDY SEELEY Recently I learned what it’s like to have someone give up on you. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes – lots of them, and sometimes you have to show me something 20 […]

Camp Yuba Race Report 2013 – Kelly Hoose-Johnson


Here’s a race report from Kelly Hoose-Johnson.  She is new to triathlons and is going from zero to 60 this year. Her first sprint was this last spring and in November she’ll be going for […]

So I Finished My First Triathlon – Now What?


So I Finished My First Triathlon – Now What? By Morgan Johnson It’s official – you’ve crossed the finish line, become a “real” triathlete and you are now (officially) obsessed. So what comes next? I […]

Salem Spring Triathlon 2013 Race Report


Here’s my race report for the 2013 Salem Spring Triathlon The drive down to Salem was just lovely.  It was nice seeing other vehicles ahead of me with bikes on them going to the same […]

Triathlete of the Week Christie Krompel


This weeks Traiathlete of the week is Christie Krompel – If you’ve been passed by a flash of brown hair during an event – then you’ve seen her. Check out her great report.  How long […]

Barefoot/Minimalist Running: Should You Do It?


Over the last few years the idea of running barefoot or in shoes that offer minimal support has become increasingly popular.  Should we all change the way we run and do other activities to match […]

Weight Lifting and Triathlon Training


Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Regimen By Matt Fitzgerald • Triathlete magazine Presumably, the majority of us triathletes have taken up triathlon because we enjoy swimming, cycling and running, or at least two of […]

Relieving Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis You wake up first thing in the morning and you step onto the floor. Immediately you feel pain on the bottom of your foot close to the heel. You carefully step your way […]

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