Treadmill FAQs


Here’s a good article by Alissa Hardiman Originally found at Q: Just how accurate are those “calories burned” numbers? Short answer: Not terribly. Longer answer: Treadmills fool us by estimating total calories burned during […]

Keys to Winter Training


Four Powerful Keys to Winter Training by Hunter Allen What you do this winter can really make or break your season in the coming year. Winter training is different for everyone since we live in […]

Winter Outdoor Running Tips


By Coach Lora Erickson, Many people are nervous to run outside; but it’s really fun to run in the snow and it can be a great break from the treadmill.  Personally I don’t own […]

Preparing and Training for Your First Triathlon


Preparing and training for your first triathlon You can do it! Let that be my first bit of advice when preparing and training for your first triathlon.  All you’ve got to do is cross the finish line […]

Training for a Half IronMan


Training for a Half Ironman Triathlon By Ken Mierke and Joe Friel This is a  repost from The half ironman triathlon presents unique challenges. This distance is short enough that a well-conditioned athlete pushes throughout the […]

What to Eat During a Half Ironman


A great blog post from Gordo Byrn on what to eat and how to pace yourself during a half ironman.  Here’s a link to the full article 11 Steps to make your half ironman an […]

Pre-Race Packing List


Make Sure You’ve Got What You Need You’ve spent months preparing for your race, so the last thing you need is to have your mind elsewhere hoping you didn’t forget something. We’ve prepared a checklist […]

What to Eat Before a Triathlon


What types of foods are best? Pasta is a traditional favorite among athletes, but other carbohydrate-rich options include bread, cereal, bagels, potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, rice, pizza (go easy on the cheese) and sweet potatoes. It’s […]

Barefoot Running by Dr. Matt Evans


This has been a hot topic in the running, sports medicine, and, obviously, marketing for the past few years.  There are two major camps in this debate.  One supports modern running shoes stating that they […]

18 Week Half Ironman Training Program


The Utah Half is just around the corner and many of you may have your schedules down pat, but here is a excellent article on training for a half Ironman. This article is republished by […]

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