2014 Icebreaker Race Report


2014 Ice Breaker Report I pulled up to the parking area and its always great seeing bikes lined up in the transition area.  I set up my stuff and spent the morning chatting it up […]

So I Finished My First Triathlon – Now What?


So I Finished My First Triathlon – Now What? By Morgan Johnson It’s official – you’ve crossed the finish line, become a “real” triathlete and you are now (officially) obsessed. So what comes next? I […]

Barefoot/Minimalist Running: Should You Do It?


Over the last few years the idea of running barefoot or in shoes that offer minimal support has become increasingly popular.  Should we all change the way we run and do other activities to match […]

Weight Lifting and Triathlon Training


Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Regimen By Matt Fitzgerald • Triathlete magazine Presumably, the majority of us triathletes have taken up triathlon because we enjoy swimming, cycling and running, or at least two of […]

Relieving Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis You wake up first thing in the morning and you step onto the floor. Immediately you feel pain on the bottom of your foot close to the heel. You carefully step your way […]

Chronic Injuries and Sports Massage


For many athletes, the injuries that have the greatest long-term impact are chronic injuries or injuries that occur over time with no obvious incident.  Chronic injuries include things like patellar tendonitis (aka Runner’s or Jumper’s […]

Triathlon Training: Cool Down, Recovery, and Flexibility


Cool Down, Recovery, and Flexibility I’m sure that for many people when they cross the finish line all they want to do is collapse.  I can certainly understand that desire.  Sometimes it’s exhausting just watching […]

Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement: Why and How?


There is already some great advice about hydration here on the RaceTri site, but I wanted to give a little more information for those who are looking for an advantage as they move forward with […]

Guide to Start Running Again


Getting into running again after a long break or even a short one, here’s a great article on some steps to take to get back running. Thanks to Christine Luff for the article. Question: What If I […]

Returning to Running After an Injury or a Long Break


Great article on getting back into running after an injury by Susan Paul Getting back on your running feet can be a challenge but it can be done. While you can’t just jump right back […]

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