2012 Ice Breaker Race Report – “I’ll be back!”

My toes were freezing.  It was 40-something degrees and I was wearing flip-flops, standing outside listening to Aaron Shamy give the pre-race instructions and inspiration.  I’d been up since 5:15am, a crazy early time for being awake on a Saturday morning, but I was stoked to be doing the Ice Breaker triathlon that morning – the second tri I’ve ever done.

After the pre-race meeting it was time to head to the pool.  Thankfully I had a support person with me, so I was able to keep my warm clothes on until getting inside; I was not looking forward to running out to transition while wet.  The pool was great; temperature perfect.  I’d never swam in a 50 meter pool before.  I did a little bit of warm-up swimming then lined up with the other group 4 swimmers.  Watching the good swimmers was awesome.  My turn came and in I jumped.  I did get stuck behind some slower swimmers a couple times, but it didn’t slow me down all that much.  Overall I was very happy with the swim.  

Running outside to transition wasn’t too bad; the sun had come up and it was starting to get warmer.  Quick towel dry, then put on my bike gear including a thin windbreaker jacket.  
The bike course was pretty good.  The first mile had a tough hill but after than it was pretty flat, then slightly downhill.  The shoulders were nicely cleared, and the potholes and rough terrain were well-marked.  There were volunteers at every intersection and police officers at every stoplight doing traffic control, they all did a great job.  This was only the second time I had ridden my new bike on the road, and I felt pretty good.  
The transition to run went smoothly.  It was now warm enough that I took off the jacket and gloves, and I decided not to put socks on.  
The run is my worst sport, and the first mile was really tough for me.  I had forgotten to take a Gu on the bike, and I could tell that I was running out of energy.  I walked much of the big hill.  Once I got to the aid station I was feeling better – the Gu I grabbed during transition had kicked in, and I was able to run the rest of the way.  I set a PR for the run, but was still the slowest person in my age group.  I ran into the finish, got my finisher medal while someone took off my timing chip, then grabbed some food (from a nice selection).  
Overall I finished 6th in my age group in a time of 1:28:36.  I was very happy with my time and enjoyed the race.  The weather couldn’t have been better, and the volunteers were great.  I’ll be back!
By Jess Galaviz

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