2012 Herriman Black Ridge Pre Race Review

2012 Herriman Black Ridge Triathlon: Race Pre-view
By Jared Jones
If you have not raced in a Racetri event this year, you’ve missed out.  If you have been wanting to do your first Triathlon with an open water swim, but you are kind of nervous about the swim, now is the time, Black Ridge is your event!!!
I have raced in Racetri’s Herriman Black Ridge Triathlon since it began in 2010 and truly love this race.  I think it is a great beginners triathlon with a short 500 yd swim, 14 mile bike that has some climbing (not too steep), and some fast downhill’s,  it also has a relatively flat 5K run.  Black Ridge is unique in the sense that it has a split transition.  The first transition (T1 – Swim to Bike) is located at Black Ridge Reservoir in the newly paved parking lot. The next transition will be held at Butterfield Park (T2 – Bike to Run), which is also the location of the finish line.
Packet Pickup will be at Get Fit in Alpine Monday – Thursday and Packet Pickup and Body Marking will be at Elite Trisports on Friday.
BODY MARKING REMINDER:  YOUR RACE AGE THAT GOES ON YOUR CALF IS HOW OLD YOU WILL BE ON DECEMBER 31st, 2012.  So if you are 31 years old and your birthday is on December 30th, 2012 YOUR RACE AGE IS 32.  Crazy right?  So when that volunteer asks you how old you are….you know the answer.  Also, if youare racing as a Clydesdale or Athena, instead of an age on your calf, you get a C or A.  Just tell the volunteer that you’re a Clyde or Athena.
Every year this race catches some people off guard and they inevitably run late or forget something.  It is critical to get to the race EARLY because you have to set up 2 different transition areas.  My suggestion is to arrive a minimum of 90 minutes before the race starts.  Go to T2 (bike to run) and set that up first.  That will be your shoes, water, hat/visor, and race belt if you don’t wear it on your bike.  Park your car in the designated area and grab your backpack with your swim gear in it and hop on your bike to head up to T1 (Racetri will have a shuttle this year, so you can take that too).  The reason I suggest riding your bike up to T1 is three-fold.  1.  Because it’s a good warm up for the race 2. Because the race finishes at Butterfield park (Racetri will bring your T1 gear down to the finish in a trash bag with your number on it) and 3. Parking is NOT ALLOWED at the Reservoir and any car parked on the side of the road poses a safety hazard for the athletes racing.  When you get up to the Reservoir Set up T1, grab your timing chip and get body marked.  When setting up T1 having some water to wash your feet off might be helpful, they will get a little sandy.
THE SWIM – 500 Yards, counter clockwise (buoys on your left), square pattern.
The swim will be a multiple wave start, this isn’t so much due to the swimming being so short, it’s more for the safety on the bike, more on that later.  MAKE SURE YOU START IN THE CORRECT WAVE!!! Anyone that has an outrageous swim time that exceeds the capability of Andy Potts or Michael Phelps most likely started in the wrong wave and could incur a DQ or Time Penalty. So pay attention during the pre-race briefing to understand the wave start and ask those around you at the swim start if they are in your same age group.
The swim is a short 500 yd swim and follows the shoreline of Black Ridge Reservoir.  You will keep all buoys to yourLEFT; this includes the white buoys just off the shore. Once you reach the third orange buoy proceed along the white buoys and again, keep them on your LEFT.  Anyone caught cutting the course will be stopped at the swim exit and assessed a time penalty or DQ’d.  Just pay attention and know the course!!!  It is a perfect swim for beginners because you stay near the shore for the entire swim.  If you get into trouble it is legal to swim to the shore, however, you may not make any forward progress while on the shore.  The same is true with the kayaks, if you get into trouble; you can grab one, but can not make any forward progress.  If you get into trouble in the water take off your swim cap and wave your hand in the air.  A kayak or paddle board will come to you.
T1 (Swim to Bike)
Racetri will provide a trash bag with your race number on it.  You need to take a couple extra seconds in T1 and put everything in that trash bag.  Racetri will be gathering the trash bags after the swim and taking them down to Butterfield Park for your convenience.  The Volunteers work very hard so help them out a littleJ.
The Transition involves running through some sand so having water to wash your feet off may be a good idea.  Also, be prepared for fast speeds right as you get on the bike.
THE BIKE – 14 Miles, Single Loop, 791 ft climbing, 1007 ft descending
The Bike will start out at the reservoir and end up at Butterfield Park.  It is largely open to traffic so please be careful and follow Police and Volunteer instructions.  If you happen to come to an intersection that is not guarded for some reason you need to follow traffic laws.  Ride as far right as you can on the road and pass on the left.  Please be verbal and let people know your about to smoke them, and give a little “your doing great” as you do.  REMEMBER, this is a USAT Sanctioned, NON DRAFTING race.  You must stay a minimum of 3 bike lengths behind the person in front of you.  If you get passed, you have 15 seconds to clear the drafting zone.  Drafting will incur a time penalty, and trust me, it’s not worth it.
The first few miles of the bike is downhill, so be prepared for some high speeds right off the bat.  (take a look at the new map. The sharp turn is now at the bottom of ambermont – the road will actually be closed to traffic by the police on juniper crest so athletes can make the sharp left off of ambermont onto juniper and another left off of juniper onto emmeline ) There is one sharp turn that will be well marked; you’ll still be going fast so try not to end up in the neighbor’s yard as a few people did last year.  Just slow down when you see the markings on the road for the sharp turn.  The course also has a 3 mile section that is a false flat followed by a climb up towards Kennecott.  Your rewarded for your efforts with a 2 mile downhill section that is perfectly straight, you can let it rip, but please be safe.  The next 2.5-3 miles is fairly flat followed by a small climb up to Butterfield Park Again.
SPECTATOR TIP:  If they stage at the south end of Butterfield Park for the first part of the bike they will see you going fast, then move to the northeast end they will see you climb back up and run out as well.  Then they should move to the finish chute to watch you cross.
T2 (Bike to Run)
Not a whole lot to say here. T2 will be in a new location this year. It will be located in the bottom parking lot at Butterfield park, it will be the lower parking lot near the baseball diamond. Be off your bike by the dismount line, keep that helmet on until you rack your bike, get your kicks on and go!!! There will be 1 aid station and some port-o-potties right as you exit T2.
THE RUN – 3.10 Miles (5K), Flat, 1 aid station,
Counter Clockwise Square (see map)
The run is reversed from last year but basically the same course.  It is a fairly flat run that goes mostly through neighborhoods.  It is also a beginner friendly run.  You will start out running on a portion of the bike course so it is advisable to run on the sidewalk. There will be 1 aid station on the run at just past Rosecrest Park at about mile 1.5.  The course will be well marked, just follow the directions and run your heart out. Remember to smile for the finish line GoPro Video Camera as you cross the finish line.
Racetri has been giving out some cool medals this year.  After you finish it’s always fun to hang around and cheer other athletes on as they cross the finish line!!  That’s a unique thing about triathlon, were all proud of everyone else for their accomplishments…for some it’s the 12th race of the season, for others it’s the first race they have ever done and a HUGE accomplishment.  Were all in it to be healty and see what we can accomplish. So hang around, grab some food, and make new friends!!!  I hope to see you there and have a great race.

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